Monday, 6 June 2011

Police ne Kiya Balatkar aur Randi bana diya (page 2)

On the way he told me to buy some food for my hubby, which I did.
As we reached police station he told me to wait out side.
I waited for about 10-15 min.
He called me in.
He took me to a room from where I could see on 42” LCD TV screen that my hubby’s hands & legs were tied with ceiling and he was hanging facing ground.
That inspector went in and started torturing my hubby. He pulled his hair, slapped him. Hit him with danda.
Then he ordered constable: “ Sale ko nanga kar, Madarchod ki gand me danda jayega to sabh uglega”
Constable brought my hubby down & striped him nude. He was standing with his hands covering his tool. I could just see could not help him.
Inspector told him to bend on a table as he kept his upper half body on table they tied his hands & legs with tables leg.
Inspector went behind towards his ass. He moved his hands on my hubby’s bumbs : “ kya chikani gand hai, jara tel laga sale ki gand main”
Constable brought some oil and pored it in my hubby’s ass.
Inspector said “ kya nathu marega ya pahele Danda dalu”
One of constable : “sahib pahele pelne do maja aayega, bahut dino se itni tight gand nahi mili”
Inspector : “thik hai tum iski pelo main bahar jata hu par eke k bar hi pelna fir thoda khana kha lene dena”
I show inspector coming out of integration room.
My eyes were still on TV Screen.
Both constables striped them self nude. They were ugly & obsessed. One of them was circumcised. Other one’s was with skin. I had seen first time a dick with skin & both of them were double the size of my hubby. One with skinned dick went behind my hubby and started moving his hands on my hubby’s bumbs. Then he pushed one of his finger in ass.
1st constable : “Hussain sale ki gand mast tight hai maja aajyega”
Hussain : “ Ha Mangilal chikna bhi hai”
Magilal : “tera uske muh me de, main pichali bajata hu”
Oh no I dint know what to do.
I was watching my hubby crying with pain and both motherfuckers were fucking him.
I heard door open, it was inspector.
Inspector : “ bol Sali meri randi banti hai ki AIDS wale se tere mard ki gand marvavu”
Inspector : “ AIDS wala sala nigro hapsi hai inlogo se double hai uska lund”
I was speechless standing there seeing one guy forcing his dick in my hubby’s mouth other banding his butts and inspector telling me he has guy who’s tool is bigger than this 2 that too he has AIDS.
I was so much so confused that I became statue.
Inspector slapped me on my bust : “Sali bolna nahi to tuje bhi uske baju me lagavake gand marvavu , wo nigro se”
I was shocked. I just moved my head saying ok.
Inspector : “ idhar raat gujaregi ya tere ghar par”
I said with tears in my eyes : “jidhar aap chaho”
Inspector : “ek round idhar kar ke,l tere ghar hi chalet hai, waha koi disturb nahi karega”
He blotted door from inside : “Chal abhi jaldi jaldi nangi ho jaa”
I dint know what to do so : “ kya”
He slapped me on face and pulled my duppata : “ maa ki chudi Sali tere ko nanga hone nahi aata”
He pulled my kurta and opened my payjama’s nada which fell on ground : “ Chal jaldi se bodies(BRA) aur nikar(PANTY) ko bhi utar” and started music.
I unhooked my bra removed it but covered my bust with one hand and with other hand I started removing my panty. I was nude for first time in front of other man. I could not look into his eyes my eyes were on ground.

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